About us

Massimiliano Locatelli, based on his long experience as an architect and designer of objects for the table intended for habitats he himself created, has designed a collection that explores the mise en place by elegantly transforming and personalizing the dinner service.

The essence of this concept is in its name, Untitled homeware: a collection evolving all the time, aimed at matching different items for the table and combining services that everybody already owns to articles in the Untitled homeware catalogue.

Research on colour and decoration is reminiscent of the classic dinner service that Massimiliano Locatelli modernizes in a perfect dialogue with a modern table setting.  Produced by artisans, with a marked attention to contemporary styles, objects in the Untitled homeware line are also affordable

U of Untitled as YOU.

The declinations of Untitled are infinite, in the same way that people are infinite.

You are the protagonist of your table. You can mix your story with imagination, by placing on the table a personalized world that Untitled Homeware makes up with you.